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‘Twas the Night of Hoodsport Holiday Fest: A Tale of Festive Delight

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‘Twas the night of Hoodsport Holiday Fest, and all through the town, Excitement was brewing; joy was all around! Caroling led by Matthew from Great Bend Center for Music, Would set hearts aglow with tunes so terrific.

YSS Dive, the starting point, prepared for the fun, With caroling at 5:30; the night had begun! Octopus Garden, all dressed up so merry, Planned activities and treats, making folks quite cheery.

The Potlatch Brewery joined with spirits so bright, Their seasonal flavors brought warmth in the night. At Hardware Distillery, concoctions so rare, They served up delights with a touch of flair.

Stottle Tasting Room welcomed all with a smile, Their wines and ambiance made the visit worthwhile. Canalside Gifts & Liquors, a treasure trove grand, Offered gifts aplenty for each in the land.

Hood Canal Visitor Center, a place to explore, Shared tales of the fjords, intriguing folklore. Tides Restaurant, near the distillery’s glow, Prepared delectable dishes to make hearts aglow.

Fjord Oyster Bank, nestled by the sea, Joined in the revelry, full of holiday glee. And at Mountain View Realty Group, oh what a sight, They spread cheer and goodwill throughout the night!

Tracing the Fjord magazine echoed the cheer, With holiday tidings for all far and near. Mason County’s holiday events, all aligned, In this magical tale, a joyous bind.

Join us on Saturday, December 16th, for the second annual Hoodsport Holiday Fest! The festivities kick off at 5:30 pm with caroling starting at YSS Dive. Visit participating businesses like Octopus Garden, The Potlatch Brewery, The Hardware Distillery, Stottle Tasting Room, Canalside Gifts & Liquors, Hood Canal Visitor Center, Tides Restaurant, Fjord Oyster Bank, and Mountain View Realty Group for delightful activities and delectable treats. It’s a night of merry-making and community spirit – come create unforgettable memories in our town’s holiday delight!