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What You Need To Consider Before Choosing a Real Estate Agent

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I have read so many blogs and articles on this topic that I am turning green, they all say the exact same thing. Pick an agent based on experience, make sure they have closed millions of deals (blah, blah, blah). But is that really important?

I have been a real estate instructor since 2012 and I have to say some rookies are far better at what I call, real real estating. The MVRG training center focuses on offering the courses necessary to earn your Washington real estate license and we have had some super great brokers run through our classes. So the question is what makes them great?

I have thought about this time and time and again and it really comes down to three key skills. The first skill is the skill of listening. You are going to be searching for one of your largest investments, do you want to work with someone who does not listen or hear what you are saying for 60+ days? Nope! Nobody does, so listening takes the number one spot.

The second key skill is communication. Again, you will be purchasing or selling a large asset, do you want to be guessing as to what is going on? Probably not. The other aspect to consider is that agents/brokers have many people that we must include in every transaction. We have the title person, closing agent, inspector, lender, other agent, brokerages.. if they aren’t communicating with you do you believe they are communicating better with others? Not likely!

The final most important skill you should look for in an agent is ability to negotiate. If you ask them to give you some of their commission as a kick back and they say yes. Don’t use them. If they can’t negotiate their own paycheck how do you think they will do on your behalf. In this market of multiple offers and the need to position yourself competitively in the market, you may not want to hire the person who is a weak negotiator.

One last thing you may want to consider (I know I said there was only 3 but.. this one is important), you should like the person you hire. You will be spending many days, many emails, many calls and many texts with this person. The situation may get intense, have you hired someone you want to be around and work with for this amount of time?

Now you ask.. what about the market knowledge and paperwork? Rookies will work hard to win your trust as they learn the paperwork and gain the knowledge. In fact, many will work harder for you and research more just to prove that you have made a good choice. My stance is and will always be, trust the hard worker who listens, communicates well, is a master negotiator and is pleasant to be around. This is a big decision and everyone deserves to have it all!

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