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Featured Listings Friday!

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We typically run our featured listings on social media outlets and as a podcast but this week I decided that you may want to see more than just one listing. Within this short blog, I will provide links to a few properties that may be of interest. As usual, if you see something that you […]

¿Qué pasa después?

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La pregunta que escuchamos una y otra vez. ¿Lo que sigue? Esta pregunta nos llega tanto de compradores como de vendedores, pero hoy discutiremos qué sucede a continuación desde la perspectiva del comprador. Creo que todos podemos estar de acuerdo en que comprar una vivienda no siempre es fácil ni el proceso siempre es el […]

What Happens Next?

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The question that we hear over and over. What is next? This question comes to us from both buyers and sellers but today we will be discussing what happens next from a buyer’s perspective. I think that we can all agree that buying a home is not always easy nor does the process always look […]

What You Need To Consider Before Choosing a Real Estate Agent

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I have read so many blogs and articles on this topic that I am turning green, they all say the exact same thing. Pick an agent based on experience, make sure they have closed millions of deals (blah, blah, blah). But is that really important? I have been a real estate instructor since 2012 and […]

We Didn’t Expect This 2020 Real Estate Outcome..But It is Happening!

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Vacation home sales surge amongst this pandemic

Competitive Offers: Do YOU Have What It Takes?

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We see it all of the time. Multiple offers come in and only one will actually have the opportunity to own the house. We see this when we are representing the sellers and experience it when we represent buyers. I cannot speak for every market, however in our markets (Mason, King, Kitsap, Thurston, Pierce, Snohomish […]